Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance policy cushions you in the unfortunate event that your vehicle, its accessories, or spare parts are stolen or damaged because of an accident, fire, floods, or riots. It also covers third party liabilities. We offer the following types of motor insurance:

1.Comprehensive Motor Insurance


a) Free cover for windscreen, theft of radio and accessories.

b) Free cover for recovery & towing after accident.

c) Non claim discount – building up to 60% depending on the number of years for not claiming.

d) Discount on fleet. 

e) Cover for damage to vehicles in the custody of Motor Trader or Garage.

f) Geographical scope – Kenya but can be extended to other East African countries on request.

what is covered?

  1. Theft - If your car is stolen, our policy will compensate you, subject to an excess (a portion of the sum you have been insured for that you are required to pay)
  2. Fire - If your car catches fire accidentally, our policy covers you.
  3. Accidental Damage - If your car is accidentally damaged, our policy will ensure you get compensation.
  4. Total loss of the car - If the cost of repairs exceeds 50% of the sum assured, our policy considers the car a total loss and covers it accordingly.
  5. Third party liabilities - Our policy covers injury or death of third parties and accidental damage to their property.

2.Third-party motor insurance 

Third-party policy is the most basic form of insurance you can get.       


  1. Protects you from damages and losses caused to a third-party in case of an accident.
  2. Covers liability arising out of damage to third-party persons and injuries caused by the insured vehicle.

Types of third-party car insurance        

1. Third-Party Only (TPO) - covers the insured from liability arising out of damage to third-party persons and injuries caused by the insured vehicle.

2. Third Party, Fire & Theft (TP&FT) - covers third-party liability and provides protection against fire and theft of your vehicle.

3.Motorcycle Insurance

Covering motorcycles for social, domestic or leisure use.

The comprehensive cover

 -Covers damage or theft of the motorcycle(s) and accessories while in or on the motorcycle within the territorial limits.

  -Protection, recovery & removal after accident (towing charges).

  -Authority to repair (up to the authorized repair limit).



For any payments please pay through  Safaricom Paybill Number 513100


26 October 2023