Fire and All Risks Insurance
This insurance policy covers loss or damage to property caused by fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, bushfire, riot, and related perils.

Property to be insured include the following although the list is not exhaustive: -

  1. Buildings and outbuildings (fences, gates, water tanks, compound structures etc).
  2. Machinery and plant
  3. Instruments and accessories.
  4. Tools
  5. Fixtures and fittings
  6. Office furniture and equipment
  7. Stock (includes raw material, semi-finished goods, finished goods and goods in storage or in trade).

The property is covered against:

  1. Accidental fire
  2. Explosion/implosion
  3. Smoke damage
  4. Destruction or damage caused by aerial devices.
  5. Man-made perils in the form of riots and strikes.
  6. Vandalism and malicious damage
  7. Natural calamities like lightning
  8. Volcanic eruptions
  9. Earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tidal waves, hail, snow, and floods and so on.
  10. Damage caused by impact by a rail or road vehicle.
  11. Damage caused by landslides or sinking earth, peril caused by pollution and contamination, bursting and /or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes, missile testing operations, leakage from automatic sprinkler installations and bush fire.