Our Health Care Solutions

Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers Healthcare Division provides Broking / Consulting Services in Risk Transfer and Administration Services to clients, allowing them peace of mind to concentrate in the running of their business.

Individual & SME

  1. Afya Milele Individual and SME Product.
  2. Afya Milele Seniors Product.
  3. Individual & Family Products.

Corporate Line
  1. Fully Insured Scheme: This is the arrangement where the risk is transferred in full to an insurer/underwriter who shall be the risk carrier.
  2. Self-Funded Scheme: This is where the organization acts as the risk carrier and settles the bills incurred from a set fund.
  3. Hybrid Scheme: This is a Combination of Partly Insured and Self-funded solution.
Wellness Program

Health, safety, and well-being of workers is important, and extends even further beyond individuals and their families. It is of paramount importance to the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of Companies, Communities, and to National and Regional economies.

Workplace health programs have the potential to reduce avoidable deaths of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and the burden of mental ill health and to protect and promote health at the workplace.



  • We pride ourselves in Building Relationships
  • We offer administration and claims management.
  • We offer guidance on effective cost control measures.
  • We assist and offer guidance on referral cases outside Kenya.
  • We offer International Solutions

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