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With the growing awareness of the health issues affecting us and rising cost of health services, health Insurance is increasingly becoming a fundamental need in our everyday life.
Through our partnerships with various health insurance providers, Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers Limited is able to provide a variety of solutions to your health insurance needs.

Corporate Covers
Employers who provide health insurance are able to attract the best employees. Further, offering health insurance to employees gives you a competitive edge over other companies that are not able to do so and also acts as an employee retention incentive.

  • To help you achieve this objective, we provide the following cover options:

a) Indemnity (Insured) Schemes –include

  • The covers are underwritten by insurance companies and administered by Eagle Africa.
  • A specified premium charge is used to purchase a specified benefit limit.
  • Benefits and premiums can be either per family unit or per individual insured member.
  • The medical services are obtained from appointed medical providers including Doctors and chemists on credit terms. The bills are then settled  reimbursed by the insurer.
  • By transferring this risk to a third party, the employer is protected from the effects of adverse claims.

b) Self Funded Schemes - include

These are schemes where no form of cover is purchased, but rather the employer sets aside a fund for payment of medical expenses incurred by staff members and their dependants.

Eagle Africa administers the client’s fund at a pre agreed management fee.

Scheme benefits and limitations (rules) are determined by the employer and this makes the scheme more flexible.

Expenditure is spread out throughout the year rather than upfront payment of premium where the policy is insured.

In times of good claims experience savings would be realized.

c) Hybrid Schemes – include
These are schemes that combine the two options above with most clients opting to self-fund the out-patient while insuring the in-patient benefit

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