Insurance Solutions for Agricultural Companies

Insurance Solutions for Agricultural Companies

A farmer's work is never done. And while we can't lessen your workload, we can reduce your stress as you can rest a little easier knowing your farming implements, vehicles, equipment and even tyres are all covered.

Crop insurance:

Cover is available for all types of crops, whether rain-fed or irrigated. The following types of crops are covered:

  • Annuals e.g. wheat, barley, maize, sorghum, rice
  • Perennials e.g. tea, coffee, sugarcane
  • Horticulture, e.g. snow peas, French beans, tomatoes,
  • Floriculture- e.g. roses and carnations
  • Forestry e.g. eucalyptus, pine, cypress stands
  • Tree crops e.g. avocados, macadamia
  • Greenhouses i.e., steel/wood structures and plastic cladding

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