Insurance for Learning Institutions

business At Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers , we know that managing an educational institution can be complex and demanding. We have been committed to insuring educational institutions for more years by providing tailored property, Accident , professional and management liability insurance; risk management e; and loss prevention services. School administrators rely on our depth of knowledge and our financial stability to be there when you need us and help you manage your institutional risks.

Some of the risks may include :-

  • A fire in your largest dorm requires hundreds of your students to be temporarily housed in local hotels.
  • A pipe bursts in your library, destroying computer equipment and many books.
  • A student driver loses control of a school’s van causing the van to roll over resulting in multiple injuries to passengers.
  • One of your tenured professors traveling overseas for a research project contracts a potentially fatal parasitic disease.
  • Donors are dissatisfied their funds have been deployed for purposes beyond what was intended and sue for corrective action.
  • A tenured professor sues the university and fellow staff faculty members for wrongful termination and tortious interference with contract.
  • A University store supervisor steals cash sales and also processes fictitious refund credits to a debit card under her control.

We are committed to serving educational institutions – from Kindergarten to secondary schools through colleges and universities. Trust us to have the knowledge needed to develop an effective insurance program for your specific needs.

Insurances for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools


As a Kindergarten or Primary or secondary school owner /CEO/Principal, the challenges you face each day can be daunting; dealing with safety issues, aging infrastructure, information security, disaster preparedness, and more. At Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers, our tailored property and liability insurance products and services address those risks so you can focus on what matters most.
Hazards in such institutions may include :

  • A pipe bursts in your school's library, destroying computer equipment and many books.
  • A fire in your school's academic building or dormitory causing significant property damage, injuries and sometimes death and requiring classes & dormitories and other utilities to move to a temporarily facility.
  • An employee or visitor is injured after tripping on a cracked walkway outside the school’s cafeteria.
  • To appease parents and students, a 50-year-old female teacher is terminated and replaced with an energetic 27 year old male teacher with a dynamic personality resulting in court cases of unlawful terminations.

Insurance for Higher Education Institutions
Managing a Higher Education institution, you focus on cutting-edge research, international studies, new technologies, accomplished faculty and high-achieving students. Eagle Africa insurance Brokers take care of your insurance needs.
We have developed tailored insurance products and services to help protect you from myriad of hazards, including:

  • A fire in the Student Center destroys computer equipment and furniture.
  • A maintenance worker is injured when falling from a ladder while replacing light fixtures.
  • A school vehicle collides with another vehicle resulting in bodily injury and physical damage.
  • A campus visitor is seriously injured when a railing in the library atrium collapses.
  • A minority student alleges failure to provide due process and discriminatory treatment while being expelled for disciplinary reasons.
  • A college employee sets up a fictitious vendor and submits fraudulent invoices which are paid by the college.

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