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The rapidly increasing cost of employee health care programs is a growing concern for every business, from the smallest partnerships to largest companies. Health care costs are rising at the fastest rate in our history, even during this period of low inflation.

In 2012, employer health insurance premiums increased by Xpercent - nearly y times the rate of inflation. The annual premium for an employer health plan covering a family of four averaged nearly Kshs xxx, xxx.

Wellness is an aspect of health cost management that focuses efforts on maximizing an employee's general health.

Eagle Africa Wellness Program: A Proactive Approach to Controlling Health Care Costs
Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers has partnered with the health care professionals to provide our clients' employees with the tools they need to improve their health today and avoid problems down the road.

Our wellness packages and customized wellness plans work to improve the overall health of your employees. We offer a full complement of wellness services and educational interventions designed to identify health risks and motivate your employees take proactive actions to reduce their risk.

Our personalized workplace health fair presentations that are educational and entertaining staffed by doctors, nurses and other professionals who offer good sense solutions to help avert major problems. Our health educators and wellness coaches care and want to make a difference.
Wellness programs protect both the health of your employees and the health of your company's bottom line.
The program focuses on the following:-

  • Employee Health Risk Assessment
  • Employee Biomedical Screening
  • Employee Retrospective Claims Analysis

Intervention Measures to include but not limited to:-

  • Employee Chronic Disease Management Program
    b) Employee Assistance Program
  • Request a quote or contact us to learn how a wellness program can improve the effectiveness of your health care cost management.

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